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hilarity n : great merriment [syn: mirth, mirthfulness, glee, gleefulness]

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  1. a great amount of happiness, usually accompanied by laughter

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USS Hilarity (AM-241) was an Admirable-class minesweeper built for the U.S. Navy during World War II. She was built to clear minefields in offshore waters, and served the Navy in the Pacific Ocean.
Hilarity was launched 30 July 1944 by Winslow Marine Railway & Shipbuilding Co., Inc., Winslow, Washington; sponsored by Mrs. L. H. Hirschy; and commissioned 27 November 1944, Lt. J. B. McEvoy in command.

World War II Pacific Ocean operations

Following her shakedown training off California, Hilarity took part in exhaustive minesweeping and antisubmarine exercises to ready herself for participation in the Pacific war. She sailed 10 February 1945 from San Pedro, California, and, after her arrival at Pearl Harbor 7 days later, operated in Hawaiian waters on training exercises. Beginning 12 April the minesweeper took up convoy escort duties, sailing to Eniwetok, Saipan, and finally to Okinawa, arriving Kerama Retto 30 May 1945.
Joining the massive naval forces taking part in the capture of Okinawa, Hilarity served as a picket ship off the bitterly contested island, protecting the transports and landing beaches. She remained at Okinawa until the Japanese surrender, and sailed 30 August to sweep mines around Korea and the Japanese home islands preparatory to the occupation. Hilarity operated in the harbors of Jinsen, Korea, and Nagasaki, as well as in the East China Sea during the remainder of 1945. The ship sailed 28 December from Sasebo for the United States, and arrived San Pedro, California, 6 February 1946 via Saipan, Eniwetok, and Pearl Harbor.


Hilarity departed 26 February for New Orleans, Louisiana, via the Panama Canal, and decommissioned 26 August 1946 at Consolidated Shipyard, Orange, Texas, and joined the Atlantic Reserve Fleet, remaining there until being sold to Mexico 30 August 1962. Her classification was changed to MSF-241 on 7 February 1955, while in reserve. Hilarity served Mexico as DM-02 (D-2). She was scrapped 1 August 1988.


Hilarity received two battle stars for World War II service.


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